The Following Is Not "Freeman" Inspired - Rather, Originating From Historical Facts
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To: HRM Kaneekaneet <>, HRM C Calliou <>, HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem <>
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Dear HRM Compact Members
On Behalf of HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem, I am addressing this brief notation regarding FOREIGN TRADE POLICIES : Jurisdiction of Law:
  1. This week India's Prime Minister Modi has signed a $300-Million agreement for the purchase of nuclear atomic supplies to be mined in Saskatchewan and shipped to India for their nuclear power plants
  2. The problem with this "agreement" is that it is with the wrong party
  3. Turtle Island North" Original Settled Peoples" (Original and Continued Governing Bodies) - I use the term "settled" due to legal scholar recommendations to embrace custom and tradition (HRM GTIF Kaneekaneet & HRM RMCN Kwarakwante) as defined at our HRM COMPACT BRIEFING
  4. INDIA may enter into trade agreements with legitimate parties within the North Turtle Island jurisdiction - THIS IS NOT "CANADA or any of its provinces or territories" : note standing 1613-2013 Two Row Wampum Trade Agreement With Empire of the Netherlands West Indies Trading Company
  5. In 199 HRM Kwarakwante RMCN / KLCN commenced the territorial legal claim upon "Canada" for $5.2 Billion compensation for "Unjust Enrichment" and trespass ... such is still outstanding (CANLII T-1685-96)
  6. HRM Kaneekaneet, likewise argued territorial governing supremacy in his court battles (CANLI-I aka Agecoutay)
  7. And, HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem KNS has petitioned the UN Credentials Committee to suspend "Canada"'s membership pending a Tribunal hearing on the challenge : noting Hudson's Bay Company Charter became null and void before 1680 due to no parliamentary approval; thus the 1830 HBC sale of assets to the burgeoning "Canada" has no lawful validity
SUMMARY : It is now time for 650 Indigenous Continued Settler Nations to address India regarding the history of British Colonial rule and sovereign nation states.  i.e., - GTIF and Colleagues challenges India at UN regarding Uranium Supplies Trade Agreement : This Pact should be ONLY with indigenous continued settler nation state Peoples.
Regards, Ralph / SQYX
on behalf of HRM SH KNS